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Volunteer Profile: Denise Hurden


Monday 2nd December 2019

Volunteer Profile

Name: Denise Hurden

Which area of the work of the CET do you volunteer in?

Marketing & PR

When did you first start volunteering at CET?

November 2018

Give an example of a task you might undertake as part of your volunteering

Publicising the many and varied events run at CET from Owls Clubs and Birdwatching Walks to Open Days, talks and workshops. There is always something exciting coming up and then wonderful things to write about after each event.

What has been your most memorable day at CET and why?

Being called away from the office to help herd three pigs from their muddy field back to their pens. On this occasion they were very reluctant to move so it was ‘all-hands on deck’. One of the great things about volunteering here is that you never know what you might be called on to do and everyone is so willing to help each other.

What is your favourite thing about the CET?

The friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable staff. There is always a really lovely atmosphere throughout the farm and I have felt part of the team from day 1.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned recently?

That all the ants on Earth weigh about as much as all the humans!

Where is your favourite place in the world?

I love to travel and explore new places around the world but for me there’s nowhere that beats the British countryside. I love the atmospheric landscape at Corfe Castle in Dorset and the panoramic views from the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire.

What is your favourite animal and why?

I love seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. Living in the New Forest I feel so lucky to see animals such as ponies, donkeys, cows and pigs roaming free on a daily basis. At this time of year I especially love seeing robins in my garden – their feisty and mischievous nature always makes me smile.

What do you love about the outdoors?

The sense of freedom and the fact that no trip outdoors goes without seeing something beautiful whether it’s a particular landscape, or an unexpected sighting of a bird or animal. I always feel more relaxed, calm and happy after spending time outside in the fresh air.

What is your favourite memory of being in the outdoors from your childhood?

As a young child I lived around the corner from an area the local kids all nicknamed ‘mud hill’. It was actually just a very muddy, hilly field but to us it was a place to roam and have all sorts of adventures.

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