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Introducing our Youngest Volunteers


Tuesday 21st April 2020

The staff at the CET are very passionate about their work. Our families often end up getting involved with things in one way or another and the children are no exception! Our volunteers are normally aged 16 and over but during the Coronavirus outbreak we have been trying to keep in touch with the children who would usually be attending our Owls Clubs sessions. We have been greatly assisted in this effort by Finley, Coran and Noah.

Volunteer profiles

Name: Finley

Age: 8

Favourite farm animal: Pig

Favourite wild animal: Fox (or chameleon)

Nature Fact: The petals of the lesser celandine (a yellow flower) sometimes change from yellow to white as they age

Favourite activity to do outdoors: play football

A joke: What is the tastiest tower?

A. the leaning tower of pizza!


Name: Coran

Age: 5

Favourite farm animal: Horse

Favourite wild animal: Dolphin

Nature fact: Dolphins only allow one half of their brain to sleep at a time and only one eye will shut at a time too. When the left side of the brain is sleeping the right eye will shut and visa versa!

Favourite activity to do outdoors: Climb trees

A joke: Why did the goal keeper wear swimming trunks?

A. because he loved to dive!


Name: Noah

Age: 6

Favourite farm animal: Sheep

Favourite wild animal: Tiger

Nature fact: Male brimstone butterflies are yellow but females are creamy white

Favourite activity to do outdoors: play cricket

A joke: What did the seal learn at school?

A. art art art!


If you are a member of any of our Owls Clubs, log into the members area and have a look at the craft suggestions and video updates the boys have made!

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