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Donations & Support

We need all the help we can get – we receive no government funding and we are a small charity, so thank you for thinking of us! There are two ways of helping – either by making a donation now, or by becoming a Friend or a Friend for Life.

Do contact the Chief Executive, Jane Cooper, to discuss how you can help.
[email protected] or 01590 612401

Wish List

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    A Residential Visit

    Sometimes families can’t afford to send a child away with his or her classmates. We are passionate about enabling every child to have this opportunity, and are raising money for a fund so that we can help. £200 will cover a child’s visit, including food, lodging and teaching for a week. Even a small donation will make a huge difference to our ability to help. Thank you!

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    We need money for new fencing so that we can bring as many animals as possible close to the children. We will be doing much of the work for this with our own staff and volunteers, but a donation will help us to realise this ambition. Thank you for considering us!

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    Goose House

    Now we have three geese, including Wonky, we need a larger home for them. Can you help by contributing to the cost of the build? Thank you!

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